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Offscreen magazine

When a magazine dedicated to showing the human side of website and app development crops up, it’s really hard to take it as nothing except a vote for the future of printed media.

Melbourne-based publisher Kai Brach is a web designer and developer who by his own reckoning, only six months ago, “knew nothing about the indie publishing industry, let alone how to design anything in Indesign” yet has managed to put together an absolute beauty of a debut issue for his new magazine Offscreen.

Built around long-form interviews with the people behind the websites and apps that we use every day, Offscreen talks to the developers, designers, entrepreneurs and thinkers shaping our digital future.

The first issue includes a photo essay of the Berlin offices of Soundcloud, a chat with CSS/HTML standards guru Dan Cederholm, Ryan Singer of 37 Signals talking Macbook Airs and meditation as well as the musings of former Last.fm designer Hannah Donovan and plenty more to keep web geeks frothing at the mouth.

Read a fascinating behind-the-scenes account of the making of over on their blog, order a copy online or pick one up in-store. Consider us well and truly impressed.

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  1. Love it!!!!! This video captures the personality of Greenwood.

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