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Just announcing our feature film debut. No biggie.

Thanks to our friends at Time Out Melbourne (sign up for their newsletter Melbournians, they have sweet giveaways out the wazoo), we managed to get along to an advance screening of the new Aussie film Any Questions for Ben last week.

Written by Santo Cilauro, Tom Gleisner and Rob Sitch (the guys behind The Castle, The Dish, etc.), it’s the story of a successful yet spiritually unfulfilled 20-something branding consultant searching for a scrap of meaning in this vast ol’ universe of ours.

As I was taking the first exploratory licks of a banana flavoured choc-top and settling into my seat about 30 seconds or a minute in, I noticed that… the lead character was shopping for magazines… in our Elizabeth Street store!

All told, our cinematic debut lasts for no more than maybe 10 or 15 seconds and, yeah, I’d say that they took a bit of creative license portraying our staff (“this, like, just, like came out in the US, like, yesterday!”) but it was still a bit of a proud moment.

I left the film still baffled as to how we ended up in it, but digging through some e-mails the next day, I discovered that the production company arranged this with us about two years ago and we’d promptly forgotten all about it.

Melbourne is everywhere in Any Questions for Ben.

From drinks at Rooftop Bar to The Melbourne Cup to the café at the State Library, it’s lovely to see our city so gloriously represented up on the big screen. In all honesty, the film is a bit cheesy. But in the best possible way… imagine perennial TV favourite Love Actually set among Melbourne’s laneways and you’re coming close.

Starring Josh Lawson and Miss Teen Tasmania 1998, Rachel Taylor as well as Spicks and Specks’ Alan Brough in a top notch supporting roll, heck, get along to it just to see us in our silver screen debut! It’s in cinemas now.

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