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My Top 5 Mags: We Buy Your Kids

Webuyyourkids is design duo Sonny Day & Biddy Maroney from Sydney. They started working together in 2006, making screen-printed posters for bands and have since branched out into all kinds of stuff from CD artwork to identity design and installations, illustrations and all kinds of other interesting projects.

Their work is reminiscent of that children’s book that you were both in love with and absolutely terrified of when you were young; it has a dark, shadow-y noir vibe with smatterings of what the voiceover before late-night SBS movies refers to as ‘Supernatural Themes’… but all in the most playful way!

Closely aligned with the Pop Frenzy record label, over the years they’ve designed artwork for artists as diverse as Xiu Xiu, Weird War, The Drones, The Sea and Cake, Youth Group and plenty of other great bands. Recently they’ve started to branch out into motion design and completed a clip for former Something for Kate front-man Paul Dempsey in his solo guise.

In our humble opinion, they’re doing some of the most interesting work around and they’ll be speaking at the agIdeas conference in Melbourne later on this month (haven’t got your ticket yet? get in quick!) but for now, we’ve asked them to choose their Top 5 Favourite Magazines for the latest in this on-going feature…

1. The Face

The Face magazine

Both Biddy and I collected this magazine religiously, separately, before we met, in the 90s.

I was just such a good read, full of all this exciting stuff from across the pond; strange bands, clubs, amazing art and fashion. It was a bit of fantasy. I think that we both were really bummed to find that it had shut down and maybe a tad guilty as we hadnt bought it for a while towards the end.

We also got exposed to some of our favorite illustrators like Jasper Goodall, James Jarvis, Will Sweeney and many more. There is a particular issue with Edward Norton on the cover that was incredibly inspiring to Biddy – it covered a bunch of “new” animators who worked out of their bedrooms on found computers and cheap software making amazing things – including Shynola and Pete Fowler.

2. Big Brother

Big Brother magazine

This magazine was amazing!

It was a skateboard magazine started by a gentleman called Steve Rocco, who in the early 90′s was in the middle of shaking up skateboarding and taking it back to its rebellious roots with his skateboard company World Industries. Long story short… World Industries ran ads in other skate mags that pissed a lot of people with their content and the magazines would often refuse to run said ads.

So the man went and started his own magazine. It was full of articles about hi-jinx, sex, drugs and skateboarding.

Big Brother was sold to to Larry Flynt of Hustler fame who ironically toned down all the things the magazine was reknowned for. Sadly it ceased publication on 2004.

Since BB’s demise, now reading…. Thrasher

3. Hypno

Hypno magazine

Hypno was again from the 90s and again now out of print. Biddy used to buy Hypno with her last dollars when she went to uni in Canberra. It seemed to be equal parts music and art, and the excitement of reading particular articles still remains in her memory.

There was a feature on Margaret and Walter Keane and their Keane-eyed-art courtroom showdown that was mindblowing at the time. And another article on Jon Spencer that was the first knowledge of the man and incited a keen desire to go out and find his music. It was reeeeeeeaaallly ugly – jammed full of lime green crud fonts and everything else.

The artwork featured was amazing but it was all slapped together and lary… and exciting.

Since Hypno’s demise, now reading…. Juxtapoz

4. Relax

Relax magazine

This was such a awesome magazine, seeming like a Japanese version of The Face. Actually I dont know, cos I cant read Japanese.

But it was one the reasons Japan was at the top of my list of places to travel and when I got the chance to go there last year it was everything and more than I was imagining. Thanks Relax!

Also each issue had an illustration by James Jarvis. Bonus!

5. Monster Children

Monster Children magazine

We have every issue of Monster Children. It’s well designed, well written with some amazing artwork featured in every issue. When it first started it was exciting because it was the only local magazine we knew covering both Australian and International artists from a skate background.

We were very honoured to be featured in the mag a few years ago. And get our ugly mugs on the cover!

I’m glad it comes out a bit more frequently these days and is going strong.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Shame Monster Children is the only one still going. The Face was a fav of mine too.

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  3. Zina says:

    I don’t believe that print is dead as many say will happen with the age of online mags. There is nothing quite like poring over the latest design and letters in paper form. it has a power far beyond the screen. LONG LIVE MAGS!! …..and Mag Nation obviously!

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