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UNDIES MONDAYS… our most revealing promotion yet

UPDATED: Undies Monday… Too easy? Read this before you strip!

The world is way too serious and lacking of genuine free lunches. In response, we have come up with an antidote which we like to call ‘Undies Monday’.

Here is how it works:

Walk into any mag nation store in just your underwear and we will give you for FREE any magazine, book or stationery item of your choice up to the value of $50.

That’s right. $50 worth of product FOR FREE if you walk into one of our stores in your undies.

A couple of rules here:

  • This only works on Mondays (that’s why it is called Undies Mondays and NOT Undies Otherdays)
  • This offer ends at midnight on the 29th of March 2010 (or earlier at our discretion if we determine that Undies Mondays will lead to our ruination)
  • You have to walk in in your undies, no stripping off in store
  • You have to take the one item of your choice to the counter – you can’t just walk out with it – and you can’t redeem the difference between $50 and the item of your choice for cash.
  • Only one free item per person – you can’t keep coming in to claim on multiple occassions.
  • Undies do not include swimwear, gymwear or wearing a t-shirt, other sort of top or pajamas… genuine undies/lingerie only!
  • You must be 18 or over to participate
  • If you walk in in your birthday suit, we will not serve you. We don’t want anything to do with that!

63 Responses to “UNDIES MONDAYS… our most revealing promotion yet”

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  2. john says:

    so $50 worth, does that mean that I could get a bunch of magazines that equal $50 in value? say if 6 jmags = $45 could I do that since it’s under $50?

  3. john says:

    one more question – can you get books and/or tees from third floor if they are $50 or less?

  4. mag nation says:

    Hi John – “one item” only up to the value of $50. Yes, you can get a book or Tee if they are less than $50 at full price. You can’t combine two offers and apply a discount to a book to get it to under $50 and then get it for free as well!

    Read the updated post on Undies Monday (linked above) to see the other terms and conditions, some of which have been amended to avoid us going bankrupt!

  5. john says:

    the third floor on eliz st wasn’t open today… why? so people don’t get good stuff for undies mondays? pretty uncool. wearing your undies in public just for some $8 magazine on the ground floor is not worth it.

  6. mag nation says:

    Hi John,

    Apologies if this comes across as a bit harsh, but… actually, not really. No apology at all.

    Lets examine a few things:

    1. It is a public holiday in Melbourne. Our Third Floor is closed on Sunday’s and Public holidays as a matter of course.

    2. There are hundreds of items on our ground floor that retail at or above $40. Most of our popular high volume mags are the niche international ones that are nowhere near the $8 price point. We also have books and lots of expensive stationery items that retail on the ground floor.

    3. Our Greville St store in Melbourne, and our other Sydney and Auckland stores are all on one level, and all of them have books available as well – if you are desperate to claim a free book, go to one of those stores or wait till next Monday when it is not a public holiday and the third floor will be open (like it was for last week’s Undies Monday).

    4. We are still giving something away for free valued at up to $50

    Let me ask you, who is uncool?

  7. evan says:

    owned o.0

  8. Holly says:

    Well said. They (Mag Nation) are doing something fun, cool and different – no need to bag them.

  9. ant says:

    this is the funiest thing ever… way to go…
    just a question: can u get 2 mag if the combined prise is under $50.00

  10. mag nation says:

    Hi Ant–No, sorry, it’s a single item up to the value of $50.00.
    Also: make sure you read the updated post before you strip!


  11. Mon says:

    Cant people read!?! It says one item!! Jesus!!!

  12. snug says:

    What a shame that this offer might be closed before my husband and I get to Melbourne next month. Bonus points – it will be my husband’s birthday on Tuesday 13th April 2010. Looks like I miss a perfect photo opportunity. Good luck with the promotion.

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