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Moleskine Hacks

Moleskine classic ruled notebookMoleskine classic address book

We sell a lot of Moleskines. Like, actually… heaps.

So many, that sometimes it’s hard to wonder what people actually use all their 15 different notebooks for.

Anytime I’ve ever had one, I’ve written on about one or two pages and then been so overwhelmed by the prospect of scrawling my insignificant thoughts on such nice paper, wrapped in such a beautiful binding that I just sort of savour looking at it for a while. I want to stroke the leather, rub it up against my cheek, spend an hour or two sniffing it… and by the time I have written a few notes in it, I’m about ready to buy my next one.

Browsing Merlin Mann’s ‘productivity blog’ 43Folders today, I came across this great post on ‘Moleskine Hacks‘. From keeping a spare $20 in the pocket for emergencies to using your Moleskine as a dream journal, there’s plenty of great ideas here at how you can get the very best out of these fantastic notebooks.

And as to whether Van Gogh actually had one of these, well, the jury’s still out on that…

2 Responses to “Moleskine Hacks”

  1. lisa says:

    Wasn’t it Hemingway that had a Moleskine? Ah, I’m sure all the greats did!

  2. teresa says:

    I honestly think the Moleskine spiel (“all the greats” using them, etc) is one of the greatest coups in modern day marketing. The reality is that none of the greats used this specific brand, simply similar notebooks which had a similar design. They’re not really classics at all.

    That being said, I own about ten… count me in as a sucker! They are lovely notebooks.

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