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Amazing new titles

If print is dying, why are there so many new awesome publications springing up from all over the place?

Here is just a smattering of the new (some brand new, some new to Aus/NZ) titles we have seen in recent times…

Mint (Amsterdam)


Fallen (Melbourne)


Peppermint (Brisbane)


Your Biggest Bang (Amsterdam)


Patterns of Creative Aggression (Melbourne)


Uppercase (Calgary)


Under The Influence (Paris)


Paper Planes (Barcelona)


Apartamento (Barcelona)


Go magazines you good thing…

5 Responses to “Amazing new titles”

  1. Pony says:

    Great selection.

    Is the content of Patterns of Creative Aggression as saucy as the cover?

  2. You now stock Fallen? Awesome. I went and asked for it last week and you didn’t have it. Thanks for getting it in. I’ll be down tomorrow to pick up a copy.

  3. mag nation says:

    Hi Pony – yes and no. That one particular shoot could be called a little “confronting” but the rest of that issue (now sold out) was pretty PG rated.

  4. Dave says:

    Great selection. Though one would assume you could click on each cover to discover more info on it and possibly get a subscription. Or I could just be lazy!

  5. Mike says:

    Print isn’t dying because Gen Y is sick of docile individuals who think they know about arts/fashion/culture with a big fat bank account. We’re seeking our own audience and readers and making dreams into reality. + relying on the ‘more established’ magazines to create interesting content is over.

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